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Cassareccio Bread a very popular Roman artisinal bread

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Welcome Friends

You will find links to my Blog, wine, and dining pages. Right now, I in between offering Cooking Classes.

I have a cookbook that I think is a good one. The book is about food, nutrition, safety, origin of ingredients, cultural implications, where the recipe came from, what about it that might be special. It has been a collaborative effort spanning two life times. My mother cuisine is strongly represented, as she was a prime mover and an exceptionally fine cook. I have preserved some great dishes that were wonderful from restaurants, bistros, café, or osterias. Many of these came from friends who happened to be great chefs. My first love was Roman food having lived in Italy for many years. I have always had a love for food from all over the world. You will find my favorite Mexican, Chinese, and Thai recipes, which greatly helps prevent boredom.

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Generations Of Passionate Home Cooking - See all versions featuring international cusine.

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About Steven Salkow

Author Author of a international cookbook "Generations of Passionate Home Cooking". I have lived in Italy, California, Hawaii, Alaska, and Japan. I have learned good food is often simple, full of honest flavors, and often easy to prepare. The best cooks are both passionate and generous in their cooking.

The Passionate Home Cook